Dogs cannot speak. They only understand our language a lot. But whenever they are in any kind of trouble they are either unable to express it or tries to express the same through an abnormal behaviour. Therefore, the masters of the dogs must know the basic problem behaviour of their dogs and its reasons and also solutions. In this article, we have tried to describe the problem behaviours of the dogs, common to all species

1. Barking:-

This is a common problem for any dog when they do it more than expected frequency . Excessive barking is definitely a behavioural issue for the dog. The master need to identify the possible reasons for this behaviour which may be as follows:

  • Attention Seeking
  • Alerting the master from any possible danger being apprehended by him
  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Over excitement
  • Response to other dogs

The Master need to identify the reason for this behaviour of the dog which will fall in any one of the above mentioned category and deal with the problem patiently. It is also a fact that the type of barking for each one of the above mentioned category differs and a experienced master may locate the problem of the dog by hearing the sound of barking only


It is the most serious problem of dogs of all species. Aggression means a set of behaviour of the dog which expresses its aggressive mannerism.  The dogs show aggression for the reason of protection, fear, possessiveness etc. The aggression is very commonly found in case of strangers. Aggression can result in harms and damages to the family members and also to the strangers and hence the same should be taken care of very properly. The most accepted solution to this problem is identifying the factors and reason for which the dog is becoming aggressive and limiting the exposure of the dog  accordingly. Veterinary consultation is also another solution to this issue


Excessive amount of chewing is behavioural problem for the dog. This may destroy common household goods. The excessive chewing habit of the dog is very much common for puppies and they do it out of curiosity, The adult dogs do that mostly due to boredom and anxiety. In such case of excessive chewing it is suggested that proper chewing toys should be given to the dogs

4.Separation anxiety:-

The pet dog starts behaving abnormally when they feel anxious about possible separation from their masters or family members and when they prepare to leave the house. This anxiety is manifested in barking, hawling, chewing, urinating and some such abnormal behaviours. They try to escape also from the house in extreme cases of separation anxiety and become injured as a result. Proper behavioural training is the solution to this problem. Medication also is suggested in extreme cases


This is although a common habit of most of the dogs as they do the same during playtimes. However, this becomes a behavioural issue once biting is done as a result of aggression. Such biting is done on a serious note and hence can cause both pain and harm to other dog or human being. The body language of the dog in this case identifies this behaviour as normal or abnormal since the dog becomes stiff in case it bites due to aggression.  In case a dog shows this behaviour on a regular basis then veterinary doctor should be consulted

6.Inappropriate Urination :-

Inappropriate urination is another behavioural issue which damages the home area as well as makes it impossible to take the dog in social gatherings, public places, or in the home of other people. This behavioural issue is the result of frustration and anxiety of the pet and requires medical attention primarily with involvement of veterinary doctor


Howling in generally done by the dogs to attract attention or declare their presence. It also occurs when the dog is separated from his master. Internal suffering or injury also is a cause for howling and hence medical attention is the immediate solution for that. In other cases, a careful study of the behaviour of the dog is required. In case the dog howls  due to any external factor like presence of stranger, external sound etc. then such causes can be removed or the dog may stop howling once the external factor ceases to exist like that of stoppage of external sound.  For other cases, like fear of separation etc. the quiet behaviour of the dog should be encouraged and proper attention during this peaceful time should be ensured.


This is again a normal behaviour although it turn into an abnormal one when the dog does the same frequently and tries to do the same in home or just outside that, This behaviour is the result of boredom or excess energy. It also happens due to hunting instinct or anxiety of keeping possession of something.  Spending quality time with the dog and engage him in exercises is the solution of this behavioural problem. A separate area may be identified for his digging if the dog is really inclined to do this.