Behavioural Problems – Fish

Aquarium, full of different colourful fish, is a matter of pride for many people. Aquarium fishes changes the dimension of the room and its attraction and manifest good taste and culture of the house owner. However keeping only an aquarium is not enough but the fishes within it should be maintained properly since aquarium fishes are quite sensitive and they have many specific types of problem behaviour. The owner of the aquarium should be familiar with the behavioural issues of the fish and should take necessary actions to address those so that fish can lead a healthy life and can continue to attract visitors and ensure appreciation for the owner from them.

Let us now understand the common and basic problem behaviours of Aquarium fishes.

1. Loss of Appetite :-

This is not very uncommon behaviour of aquarium fishes and can happen once in a blue moon. In such case this cannot be treated as problem behaviour. However, if this starts happening regularly and the fish stops eating then it should be considered as real problem behaviour. This may happen due to lack of variation in diet. In case there are no other problems noticed in health condition of the fish then change in their diet with more variation may solve the problem.

2. Problem in Swimming :-

The Fish in case faces problem in swimming or are found to be not able to swim, then this problem behaviour should not be ignored. The reason for this problem behaviour may be external injury or sickness. In this case veterinary consultation should be done in this case.

3. Quick or erratic Swimming :-

Often the aquarium fish found to swim fast and in erratic manner and without following their regular style. The primary reason for this behaviour is quality of aquarium water the degradation of which make the fish stressed and anxious and they start swimming erratically. The quality of water therefore should be checked to address this behavioural issue.

4 .Lack of energy and tiredness: -

At times it may be seen that the fish in the aquarium are becoming tired and lethargic. This problem behaviour is primarily due to temperature of water which in case become either too much or two much cold and in both the cases the fish becomes inactive.

5. Hovering near tank surface -

Some of the Fish in the aquarium spends more time near the surface of the tank than the others. In case the duration of this behaviour continues for long then the same should be treated as a problem behaviour. This reason for this type of behaviour is lack of oxygen which the fish tries to get in the surface of the aquarium since the level of oxygen is highest there. The solution to this problem is refreshing the water of the aquarium, changing filter media in every three weeks and putting more plants within the aquarium.

6. Gasping :-

Some Fish may found gasping often for air at the top of the aquarium. This is a behavioural problem which takes place due to either quality of water or insufficient oxygen level. In both the cases change and refreshing the water is required.