Health Tips – Birds

From the ancient times Birds are associated with Mankind and happend to be one of the most loving pet animal . The ancient lords and monarchs and zamindars of medieval and modern age had a fascination of keeping variety of pet birds of rare species and sometimes it becomes sign of their aristocracy. In today’s digital age also bird as a pet animal is having the same importance. However, with the change of environment and nature the health issues of pet birds have taken different dimensions from the earlier times and it has become more critical now. To address these health related issues of pet birds certain health tips are required to be followed and the same is enumerated in this article


Proper and balanced diets are essential for keeping a bird healthy and fit. A balance of protein and carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals with water is ideal for them. Apart from seeds , Spinach, Apple, Bananas, Grapes Melons etc , can be given to them . Fresh vegetable is also good for them. However it is suggested that chocolates . Heavy Spicy foods etc, should not be given to the birds . The Amount of food to be given to the birds also should not be more than required amount. Heavy food may cause disorder in the health of a bird.


Many Birds love playing with water and bathing is an essential health tips for them to keep them happy and joyful. Bathing also helps to keep their body temperature normal during hot seasons and they remain fresh and healthy.

Safe & Spacious Cages

The Cage of the bird should be little spacious so that they can spread and flap their wings which is their natural phenomenon. At the same time, the cage should be safe enough and covered properly and should be kept out of reach of harmful elements for them like other pets (Cats Mostly), insects etc. Cage also should be painted with non leaded paints since lead is harmful for their health. The Cage should have proper ventilation for preventing infectious disease

Proper Attention

Proper Attention should be given to the bird when they are out of their Cage. They should not be left completely alone and should not be allowed to go to places like toilet or should not be allowed to roam around garbage box etc. within the household . This minimum care can put the cat out of many health issues   


The Bird cage should remain properly cleaned. Food particles etc. often remained in their cages which may cause bacterial disease for the bird since they are contaminated. The water container also should be cleaned properly along with toys may be with mild use of detergents and water. Properly clean cage can prevent the bird from different types of infectious and other types of diseases