Like all other Pets, Fish also are required to be kept in a  healthy state. However many pet fish owners do not know how to keep their fish healthy and fit  although by following certain basic disciplines and steps, any one can keep their Fish in a healthy state of affairs . In this article , we will be discussing the basic health tips for keeping fish healthy

1.Comfortable Place of Swimming :-

This may be considered as the primary requirement for keeping the fish healthy. The fish tank must have enough place to swim and stay comfortably therefore. Ideally the Fish Tank should be 7 time than that of length of the fish. This will help the fish to roam and swim around freely within the tank.  The size of the tank also matters for stability of water

2.Familiarization with new environment :-

The fish should be familiarized with the new environment i.e. aquarium. The water of aquarium should be filed in the fish bag on a regular interval of 5 minutes so that the temperature of chemistry of the water becomes easy and adjustable for the fishes and thereafter they should be allowed to swim inside the aquarium

3.Avoid Overcrowding :-

The Overcrowding of aquarium with fishes should be avoided. It actually result in lowering the level of oxygen and also sacrifices quality of water due to excess amount of waste resulting in bad health condition of the fish

4.Avoid Changes in water condition :-

The basic water parameters should not get changed frequently and should not be fluctuating. These includes temperature, pH, hardness , chemical factors etc.  Fishes are unable to absorb sudden changes and it may cause their extremely bad health and may become the cause of their death

5.Maintenance of proper Water Temperature :-

Proper Water temperature should be maintained in aquarium as the fish is very sensitive to it.  The aquarium should not be kept near sunlight or Air Conditioner vents. Sudden rise in water temperature can affect the health of the fish and may cause their death also

6.Cleaning of Aquarium water :-

To keep the environment healthy for the fish, the aquarium water should be changed up to a quantum of 25% at least in a month

7.Avoid Overfeeding of Fish :-

The Fish should be fed strictly as per their requirement. Overfeeding of Fish may cause digestive problem and may lead to death also as well