Healthy and Cheerful Puppy and Dog is what a pet lover expects. Whenever the pet dog comes under health problem, the masters spend sleepless nights. In this article , we have tried to figure out  few health related issues of dogs which all categories of Pet dogs commonly come across , irrespective of his pedigree

Food and Diet :-

Proper and optimum diet keeps doggy healthy and fit.  Lack of proper and balanced diet may affect the weight and energy level of the dog. It may also affect the gastrointestinal functioning of the dog. Premium quality of dry food is recommended as well balanced diet for adult dogs. For Puppies, high quality branded puppy food is suggested. A puppy between 8 to 12 weeks should be given 4 meals every day and after that till 6 months three meals should be given to puppy.

Between 6 months to one year the puppy should be given two meals per day and on attaining 1 year age and thereafter one meal per day is recommended. It should also be observed that whether the dog is getting enough interest in the food given to him. In case there is a loss of interest then the food may be changed carefully and gradually and reaction should be observed. However , it is recommended strongly that in such case where the dog is not responding properly to the foods given to him and his weight loss is taking place thereby , a veterinary consultant should be contacted on an immediate basis.

Exercise :-

This is another health tips for dogs. Regular exercise is a very good stimulating factor for the dog. At the same time, it channelize the additional energy level of the dog which otherwise may would have been visible in destructive activities and behaviour like damaging furniture, books etc. Proper exercise of the dog also prevents their obesity. The average duration of exercise of the any category of dog is 1 to 2 Hrs. everyday

Grooming :-

This another health tips for dogs Thisis required to keep the dog healthy and clean. This is true for all categories of dogs. It involves brushing and combing and therefore any disturbing things in case developed or grown in his body(fleas and ticks), may be identified. Requirement and variety of grooming depends on pedigree of dogs. Grooming also includes nail cutting, bath, haircut and all these keeps the dog clean, fresh and healthy.

Dental Care :-

Dental care is mandatory for any dog of any species. Brushing, as a habit, should be developed from young age only to protect their gum and teeth and also other oral infection which may result in other parts of his body also. Veterinary dental care is also suggested for this

Fresh and Cold water :-

There must be supply of fresh and cold water for the pet dog. A separate water bowl should be placed for the pet and habit of drinking water from there should be developed. This will keep the body temperature of the dog at normal level and ensure orderly function of their body

Self- treatment of pet :-

No medicine should be given to the pet dog based on self- assessment of problem by the master. This may turn into danger for the dog and it is always suggested that veterinary consultant should be contacted whenever the dog comes under any health related problem

Veterinary Visit :-

Veterinary Visit should be scheduled regularly for the pet and this care should not be neglected since routine check up of pet dog can discover many health problems at their early stage