Health Tips – Cats

Who does not want that his pet cat remain healthy? Every Cat lover who is having a pet cat wants that his pet stay fit and healthy. However to ensure the same, it is required that certain common and general Health Tips are required to be remembered and followed. In this article, we have tried to enumerate basic health tips for pet cats which are as follows :


Grooming of pet cats include regular brushing and combing. The utility of this activity is to remove dead hair so that it does not go inside his intestine while he does self grooming. Also brushing and combing helps notifying irregularities in the body of the cat like lump, spots etc.

Teeth cleaning

Although it is extremely difficult to clean the teeth of the cat , but it is necessary to do so prevent the cat from gum disease and bacterial infections . A veterinary visit is therefore suggested to be scheduled once in a year at least for the cat for cleaning of teeth .

Supply of Water

Fresh supply of water is required to keep the pet cat healthy. Fresh and as far as pure water is required to be given to the cat every day .

Scheduling of regular visit with veterinary consultants

At least a yearly health check up is required for the cat by a veterinary consultant who should be more familiar with typical health issues of cats. This will ensure early detection of diseases if any and also it will keep your Cat healthy and fit .

Clean Litter Box

The Litter Box of the pet cat should be kept clean and it should be maintained on a regular basis. It is also suggested that extra Litter boxes should be kept .