Behavioral Problems – Birds

Like other Pets, Birds are also having behavioral issues and the same should be identified properly. Timely identification of behavioral issues can save your loved pet bird from pain and stress. In this article we have tried to describe common behavioral problems of a pet bird and also their possible solutions.

Let us now understand the common and basic problem behaviours of Aquarium fishes.

1. Feather Plucking :-

This is a common behavioral issue of the pet bird. The bird often seen plucking their feathers forcefully and this causes pain to them and they become agitated. They may even chew the plucked feather which is not good for their health. It is suggested that veterinary consultants should be contacted for this type of behavioral issues since this happens mostly due to internal infection of the bird.

2. Screaming :-

Some of the pet birds are loud in their voice and for them screaming , although it is normal, but when they scream for more than expected duration or quite frequently then it should be treated as unnatural behavior and the pet may want to draw the attention of his caretaker to a particular problem or issue. This is all the more unnatural for birds which are not generally loud in their voice.

3. Biting :-

This is a common behavioral problem again with pet birds. The biting is done by the bird mostly due to fear and panic. The cause of such fear or panic is introduction of new things to the bird without giving him proper time to get familiar with it . The new thing may include new static objects, moving objects , any stranger etc. whatever is coming in their territory . This happens due to the fact that birds are generally sensitive to the changes and react in negative manner. It is therefore suggested that any new thing should be introduced to the bird slowly and with due time and should not be forced since the same may cause this abnormal behavior.

4. Aggression :-

This is another unnatural phenomenon and in this case the bird tries to attack anything with full force and strength and causes stress and pain therefore. This is happening mostly due to factors in his environment which he is not liking and making him restless and angry. The caretaker of the bird or the master should in this case change their behavior in this case and should try to find out the causes of anger of the bird and should deal with him more softly and with more positive approach.

5. Loss of appetite :-

This behavioral problem should be looked into very carefully. In case it is observed that the pet bird is not interested to take his scheduled and regular quantity of food and not showing proper interest to it then immediate consultation with veterinary doctor is required since this is happening due to internal disorder.