Easy Way to Socialization of your Dogs

Dogs are by and large a social animal. In comparison to other pet animals, their socialization process is more easy. However, the masters/owners of pet dogs need to know proper socialization techniques by applying which they can make their dig the best social animal.

In this article, we will be discussing the best socialization techniques of dogs.

Walking :

This is the primary socialization process of dogs. Walking through any public place for a period of 30 mins (if possible) will make the dog comfortable with outer world and his fear about human world will be removed. This should be a regular activity. There should be change of route also for the dog while walking and new routes should be taken on a regular interval.

Mixing with other pets or dogs :

The dog should be allowed to mix up with other pet dogs and play with them, this is required to make them for social and bring the community feeling among them.

Exposure :

The dog should be given more exposure to different types of men, women and children. This is required since from the child age, in case the dog comes across varieties of human beings then his fear and aggression will be reduced and he will also not have an anxiety of separation from his master. Moreover, the more he is exposed to civilized human world, learning proper behaviour will become more easy for him.

Timing :

Timing of socialization is very important. It should start from an early age. The best time for Socialization is 3 to 12 weeks during which all the socialization techniques should be applied.

Familiarization with noises :

The dog should be familiarized with all types of noises particularly those which may create fear and anxiety within him. These includes sound of bicycle, speedy car, vacuam cleaner and even crackers.

Indoor living :

The dog can be socialized in case he spends more time within home since this gives him an opportunity to spend more time with human beings and company of human beings make him more social.

There are a suggested list of things with which the dogs should be introduced to and make familiar during socialization process at an early age.

  • Unknown people
  • New types of dresses
  • Grooming activities