Pet Care Notix Green Soap 75gm (Pack Of 3)


Pet Care Notix Green Soap 75gm (Pack Of 3)

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The  soap is herbal & is made with pure and natural ingredients which don’t harm the pet’s hair. As well in the same time, it is convenient to use. You can simply make lather and give the pet a bath. If looking for a solution to keep your pet’s hair shiny, clean and free of ticks and flea, this is your one solution.The non-medicated soap helps to generate better skin in dogs. The key ingredients used to make this green soap include neem oil, lime extract, Vitamin E with some other essential oils. The soap works in a dual way because it can be used it as a cleanser with a conditioning effect. As well helpful in getting rid of the common parasite problems like lice, ticks and fleas.

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