What is Socialization of cats?

In one word, socialization of cats stands for Development of Trust and confidence in a cat and getting it accustomed with home environment. The success of socialization of cats is measured based on its level of comfort at home environment. Socialization is a must to do process to avoid behavioral issues of a cat. Without socialization, cats may become scared or aggressive or fearful   or distrustful by nature.

Process of Socialization

There are various processes and methods of socialization of cats and also there are various opinions about socialization process. However, in this article, we have tried to figure out the most common process of socialization of cats which may be followed by anyone who has adopted a cat

The process and methods of cat socialization are as follows :-

Handling of Cats

Handling of Cats is a very important process of socialization. The handling includes touching the cat. This is actually the communication language with the newly adopted cat. The touching should be done all over the body and softly and gently and without any force of pressure or struggle and should be done repeatedly in those places where it enjoys touching the most like top of head. During touching, speaking in a soft and calm way with the cat is also required. It is also suggested that treats should be given to the cat at the end of touching session for his motivation. The length of the touching session should be increased gradually along with no. of session in a day and in the process , the cat become comfortable with the master. Proper handling of Cats give them a feeling of security and trust and this way their socialization process will become successful.

Playing with the cat

Playing with the cat makes it more easy and comfortable and normal since it is their basic instinct. Cats are hunters by nature and hence they should be engaged in playing activities similar to that. A Stick with false mouse hanging on it may be suggested as toy for playing with the cat.   Play session must be arranged in such a way so that it becomes encouraging for him

Introduction of Cat to the stranger

Before introducing your cat to the stranger, it is required that the cat should have enough faith and trust on his master. While introducing to the outsiders it is suggested that that stranger and the cat should be kept in same room and it is also suggested that the stranger should not shout at the cat or talk loudly to him. The Interaction between the cat and the stranger should take place in a normal way in case happens and there should not be any pressure on the pet for doing so. This way, after couple of visits of the stranger ,  the cat will be familiarized with the stranger

Comfortable place of stay

The Newly adopted cat must be given a proper place to stay which is very much necessary for socialization process. The place of stay must be  comfortable for him and also he is required to be given a proper time to adjust with his new place . Musical instruments like music system or radio for playing music in a soft manner is also suggested as an added measure of socialization. This will bring relaxing attitude in the cat and he will become accustomed with his new environment more quickly. Playing music will also remove his feeling of loneliness

Things to be avoided during socialization process

  • Do not become impatient during socialization process
  • Do not force the cat to get introduced with any stranger
  • Do not scream at the cat during socialization process as it will result in fear and insecurity on part of the cat about socialization process
  • Do not support or indulge  bad or unacceptable behavior of the cat during socialization process
  • Do not let other people disturb the cat during socialization process