Socialization of Birds

Socialization of Birds are quote a easy process since the birds are by nature social animal. The owners and masters however need to know the proper technique to make the bird a social animal. In this article we have tried to present certain basic and fundamental techniques for socialization of birds

1.Communication :-

 The owners of Pet Birds should have a communication with the bird and that too in a peaceful mood and in a soft manner. This will help the bird to gain confidence and he will become easy and relaxed which is the basic requirement of socialization

2.Sharing the meal :-

Family members of the bird should take their meal with the bird and should share their foods with him whatever is not harmful for his health. This way a family feeling grows in the pet bird and he becomes a socialized animal

3.Interaction with toys :-

Interacting with the Pet Bird with his favorite toys is another technique of socialization which keep him in happy state of mind

4.Soft Handling :-

The bird should be handled very softly and gently and this gives him a feeling of affection and love and his problem behavior gets removed. It helps him to become a good social animal

5.Introduction to new people :-

The Bird should be introduced to new people outside his comfort and familiar zone. This way the bird will learn to interact with other people also apart from those whom he knows. Proper confidence should be given to the bird about this and the master/owner should be nearby the bird whenever he is introduced to a new person. The bird should be encouraged to interact with newcomers/strangers. However, proper time must be given to the bird to get him familiar with the new person and it should not be done hastily

6.Sharing fun and entertainment :-

The Master/Owner of the bird should watch television or listen music with the bird .The bird should  also be allowed to participate in other fun and entertainment activities in the home. This way the bird will feel that he is also a part of the family and becomes a family member.