Training – Bird

There is a conception among some pet lovers that Bird may not be trained to that extent like dog or may not be trained at all even. However, bird can also be trained properly like a pet and successful training can make the bird a completely loving social animal. In this article, we will see how the bird can be trained .

Pre - Requisites for Bird Training :-

Details and categories of Training :-

Step Up Training :-

This training method is completely positive reinforcement based. The bird is encouraged to come near to the step up hand which should be placed at higher level than the perch by way of giving treats. Then the bird is commanded with STEP UP or UP (either one is alright) to reach to the step up hand and once the bird reaches the step up hand , reward him with treats and the same should be repeated time and again till the time the bird gets accustomed to it . The command every time should be one and should not be differed i.e. the command should be either step up or up but whatever command is given the beginning should be continued till the time this training is successful. The Step up training is the basic training of bird based on which other training can be imparted.

Step Down Training :-

This is again positive reinforcement based training. This is just the opposite or reverse training process of STEP UP Training in which the bird is given the command STEP DOWN or DOWN (either one is alright) to enter into any object (perch may be or cage) which his trainer/master want from Step Up Hand and once the bird does the same, he gets rewards in the form of treat.  Like Step up training in this case also the consistency of command should be maintained.

Laddering Training :-

In this training process, the bird is trained to move or step up from finger of one hand to another. This training is also based on positive reinforcement i.e. the bird should be rewarded with a tasty treat when it performs the same.  This training should be given after completion of basic Step up Training. The consistency of training command should be maintained in this case also

Towel Training :-

In this training, the bird should be accustomed with a towel. This is necessary since usage of towel is must for grooming and cleaning of birds. The towel should be small and either light colored or white colored. The bird should allowed to eat treats which should be placed on the towel in this training by stepping into it and later on. This training also should be repeated with consistency of training command and once the bird is familiarized with the towel, then the same can be used for his grooming activities

Once these basic trainings are completed then the birds may be trained on different tricks since the birds are playful by nature