Train your CAT( MEOW) – Process and Methodology

Training of Pets is an integral part of maintaining it. Whenever you adopt a pet, it is necessary that it should be trained properly to get accustomed with civic human society and also his behavior should be attractive and charming . A properly Trained and well behaved Cat is the  success story of a pet owner

Challenges in Cat Training

There are various challenges in training of Cats and all of them are due to the following characteristic of their nature

  • Cats love independence
  • They are self centered animal and driven by self interest
  • They are less obedient than other pets like dogs
  • They do not like socialization in general

Due to these above mentioned characteristics of Cats, they generally try to resist training and their general reaction to training is fear and stress

Training of Cats are therefore not so easy like that of dogs and many people feels that it is impossible to train cats

Training Methods of Cats

Keeping into consideration these challenges , the following training methods for Cats have been evolved and it is accepted world wide as standard methodology for training of cats . The names of these methods are as follows

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Clicker method

Let us now understand these methods in a simple way

1.0 Positive Reinforcement

This is a method by which rewards are given and repeated for the desired behavior and the cat understands that it will be rewarded in case he repeats the same behavior and this way he learns and practices positive and desired behavior and do not resist to that . A typical example to this is in case the master wants the cat to stop unnecessary meowing then he may reward him with treats whenever he stops meowing. In case it is repeated then the cat understands that the he will only be rewarded in case he does not do meowing and his such habit will go. In other case, on a positive note, may be the master wants that his cat should take food from a particular place only and for that he may start rewarding the cat only when he takes food from the desired place . In case it found that the cat is regularly taking food from the desired place only then it can be taken and accepted that the positive reinforcement works in his case

Positive reinforcement is therefore a motivational training for cats in which he is motivated and incentivized for learning and acting in desired manner. It is therefore quite similar to our HR management technique of motivation where employees are rewarded for desired performance and motivated to retain and increase the same

2.0 Clicker Training

Clicker Training is a training method being used to train marine animals but later on it has become popular for training other pet animals also. It is widely used world wise to train cats. This training is completely sound based and used for positive signaling to the cat for the desired behavior. The following materials can be used for clicker sound

  • Whistle
  • Beep
  • Pen
  • Little plastic box with metal tab

All these generates the desired click sound which the cat can identify

During Clicker training, the trainer sounds click exactly at the moment when the cat performs the desired behavior and rewards him with the treat . With the regular practice of this method, the cat starts associating the sound with the behavior for which he is getting rewarded and understands that he is doing the right thing and in the process he will do the desired behavior whenever being told for that. For example, if  a cat is required to be trained to sit in a particular place , then it should be done with a clicking sound on the very moment whenever he sits there, followed by a treat and gradually he will understand that sitting in the required place is the right thing to do. 

Clicker training is therefore an easy and popular training method for cats with which the cat can be trained on desired behavior and his mistakes also can be rectified as whenever he does not perform desired behavior then click sound will not be there and neither treats and this way he will learn his mistakes and correct it